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Leaders like you are muscling through BIG challenges

  • Getting your team to perform at their best ūüĒ•

  • (Or, to be brutally honest, just getting them to do what they need to)

  • Trying SO HARD to delegate (and yes, still be liked by your team)

  • Figuring out the "right" remote/office work¬†solution

  • Coming home to a cranky family because¬†you¬†stayed late to finish someone else's task

  • Being (secretly) disappointed in yourself as a leader?¬†


How much time and $$ are you losing from stress, overwhelm, lack of team focus, and  repeated communication glitches?

Your people are not trying to drive you crazy.


Train with like-minded leaders to quickly reset the nervous system, calm emotional turmoil, and clarify the mind so you OWN the leading edge practices to coach up your team with energy and presence. 


Find what motivates them.

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What people are saying


Shea Peffly, Certified EOS Implementer

I've seen Erik's team shift from an / to a We. Because Lynnea's program works so deeply with awareness.

Erik Frank, CEO, TriState Armature

After working with Lynnea, my leaders' ability to work together is much stronger. I couldn't be prouder.

Pamela Betts

Controller Memphis, TN


Art Frey, CPA

Chief Financial Officer at Tristate Armature and Electrical Works, Inc.

Tyler Jenkins

Vice President of Distribution at Tristate Armature

Kyle Lynch

Licensed Electrical Contractor | VP Construction

Sharon Card

Human Resources Manager at Tri-State Armature & Electrical Works, Inc.


Gene Jones

VP Repair Operations at Tristate Armature Memphis, TN


Kare Davis

Leader Insie Sales |



Armanda McLain 

Project Manager | 10+ years of successful Memphis





Here at The LeadershipOS, we know that you want to be successful.  You want inspirational leadership and motivated teams.  In order to do that, you need to keep everyone emotionally clear and laser focused.  

The problem is that competing priorities often leads to infighting and burnout.  Life and work can constrict without warning into relentless pressure, which makes you feel numb, anxious, and frustrated. 

We believe that life and work should not have to be this hard. We understand what it is like to work late and wake up anxious.  We love our high-octane leaders who are dedicated to excellence.  They nail their goals, advance their careers, and care deeply about their families, clients, and follows.  They are rockstars!

And it breaks our hearts to see them with overwhelmed nervous systems, dealing with deadlines and infighting, eventually feeling alienated from the people and things in their lives that matter the most.

This is why we created the LeadershipOS.

Here's how we do it.

  1.  Take an assessment.
  2.  Set up a meeting to go over your results.
  3.  Create your 90-day lift off plan
  4.  Use your 9-month Power Build for real change and lasting results .




~ Functionality
~ Energy
~ Clarity
~ Flow


90-Minutes Meeting


~ Your vision
~ Our tools
~ Free Training


90-Day Liftoff


~ 6 Core Trainings (TM)
~ Leadership Energy

~ Coaching (TM)
~ Flow and Habit Training


9-Month Power Build


~ Genius Zone Alignment (TM) Trainings
~ Flow and Focus (TM) Communication Skills
~ Quarterly Traction Trainings

That’s about it. Our clients love their results.


Steph (Nemser) Dreyer (She/Her)

Trail Blazer | Change Maker | Ship Raiser

. AVP, Marketing & DEI Strategy

Kere Rosner

Customer Marketing Manager at MetLife


Amanda Ignaut

Senior Marketing Manager,

Michael Kodada

Sr. MArketing Manager, US Group Benefits at MetLife

We know what it feels like to worry about your company's future.

Proven results, limitless synergy

Dr. Lynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of The LeadershipOS


A highly regarded consultant and internationally best-selling author who has worked with hundreds of teams, Dr. Lynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D., knows what it takes to helps executive teams to solve problems without emotional turbulence.  

After 3 near-death experiences and 2 challenging international adoptions, Lynnea dedicated her life to mindful intelligence and present-moment states of flow.

I know what it feels like to worry about the future of what you've worked so hard to achieve.  That's why I created The LeadershipOS. We make it so much easier to train your team to transform stress and burnout into the powerful energy of executive flow.

Grab a spot to analyze your results and receive a free training.

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